Grab a slice of pizza and 80s, 90s nostalgia at new St. Paul Square bar

July 6, 2024
Katherine Stinson
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Grab a slice of pizza and 90s nostalgia at this new St. Paul Square bar. Kat Stinson

At Boombox Pizza Bar in St. Paul Square, every slice of scratch-made pizza is served up with a side of 80s/90s nostalgia.

The latest project from the Gusto Group (Toro Kitchen + Bar, Cuishe Cocina Mexicana, Cellar Mixology, The Bunker Mixology) is the sister bar to Stylus Mixology, a 70s-themed bar interconnected to Boombox through a secret doorway with a fun pop culture connection. (Hint — you might have to pivot to get through one bar to the other.)

Staying true to the theme, there's not a flat-screen TV to be found in Boombox — instead, guests can order a nine or 16-inch pizza with cocktails served in Capri Sun-style pouches, as they take a gander over at the wall of classic 80s/90s shows playing on retro TV screens. There's also a rack of thrift clothes hanging from the racks — and yes, guests are welcome to purchase a shirt.

A look inside Boombox Pizza Bar. Kat Stinson
Boombox has plenty of pizza options, cocktails served in Capri Sun-style pouches, and even jello shots. Kat Stinson

All pizzas are baked in Boombox's large Marra Forni pizza oven — with pre-customized pizza options available like the "All That and a Bunch of Cheese" pizza (complete with four different cheeses and black truffle), a "Gettin' Jiggy With It" flavor with smoked salmon and cream cheese, and even a "Al Pastorcito" pizza, complete with black beans, al pastor meat, house-made salsa dos chiles, pineapple, cilantro and red onion.

There's also a build-your-own-pizza option, where guests can opt for their own take on a savory or sweet pizza. The pre-customized dessert pizza option, aptly named "Sweet Dreams," features a pizza slathered with Nutella, topped with roasted marshmallows, strawberries, and basil.

Boombox has savory and sweet pizza options. Pictured: The Al Pastorcito pizza (L) and the Sweet Dreams pizza (R). Kat Stinson

Every Mojo Box cocktail is priced at $9, with flavors like a vodka-centric "Boomin" flavor with lime, chamoy and mango, a "Space" drink with coconut rum, blue curacao and coconut water, and a "Tropical" cocktail with vodka, cranberry, orange, mango and pineapple.

Boombox, which opens at noon every Tuesday through Sunday, has a variety of happy hour deals from the moment they open to 6 p.m. For example, you can grab a nine-inch pizza for only $10 (excluding the $6 topping options), or a Mojo Box for $5.

There's also an additional, themed special every day — like the buy one, get one pizza option for half-off on Take Out Tuesdays, or a one topping, 16-inch pizza deal with a choice of Ceasar salad or dessert, along with two Mojo Boxes or two wine cans for only $40 on Movie Night Fridays.

A Mojo Box cocktail at Boombox Pizza Bar. Kat Stinson

"Boombox is like a time capsule with a modern twist," Gusto Group representative Sofia Bretton tells MySA.

After all, no matter what generation you're from, enjoying a slice of good pizza remains timeless.

Find it: 1156 E. Commerce St., San Antonio, TX 78205

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