Gusto Group’s Stylus Mixology opens in St. Paul’s Square

July 6, 2024
Adriana Christian
SATX Today

Things are getting groovy over in St. Paul’s Square. A new bar by the Gusto Group has stepped on the scene, making it the fifth local watering hole to open its doors in this neighborhood within the past year. Grab your Pina Colada and turn on favorite Madonna album because we’re stepping back in time with Stylus Mixology.

Located inside the Boombox Pizza Bar, visitors will have to travel through the secret door (you’ll want to shout “pivot” when you see it) and up a flight of stairs. Up here, guests will get to experience an upscale atmosphere with tunes from the 1970s + 1980s and hand-crafted cocktails. Expect booth styled seating, a bar, a bright neon sign, and a wall of mirrors and records.

Try this: If you like your cocktails spicy, like City Editor Adriana, give the Paradise City a try.

Here’s what to know before you go:

Pro tip: Check out the moving disco balls hanging in the stairwell — just watch your step, and don’t get too distracted by their dazzling lights.

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