Strolling Through Culture And Cuisine: One Perfect Day In San Antonio

March 19, 2023
Chadd Scott

If the Alamo and River Walk are all that come to mind when thinking of San Antonio, you have a lot of catching up to do. In 2017, the city was named a Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO, one of only two in America (Tucson, AZ). The San Antonio Missions–there are four in addition to the Alamo–are a National Park unit and the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Texas.

Oh, and the River Walk and Alamo are updated as well.

San Antonio’s River Walk now extends a full 15 miles, including an 8-mile stretch south of downtown known as Mission Reach connecting the missions and city center. This section has been transformed into a fascinating riparian woodland through the prioritization of native plants and aquatic habitat. Confluence Park highlights the Mission Reach River Walk as an example the rest of the nation should follow for pairing urban living and recreation with ecology.

The entirety of the River Walk is paved and most of it is flat, making it accessible and perfect for recreation.

A new collections center opened at the Alamo in March of 2023 putting on display historically significant objects from the Texas Revolutions for the first time.

San Antonio surprises with a mix of old, new and new interpretations on the traditional. Highlights are culinary, cultural and conveniently located near downtown. One full day introducing yourself to the best of what the city has to offer will convince you that one day isn’t nearly enough.

Established for intrepid eaters highlighting the unique flavors of central Mexico–San Luis Potosi, Jalisco, Veracruz, Mexico City and others–

Executive Chef Juan Carlos Bazan’s Cuishe restaurant takes its name from a wild agave plant.

Wild, indeed, with menu items including beef tongue marinated in citrus sauce, “caviar of Mexico”–sautéed ant larvae served in garlic butter sauce, fried “bugs,” cricket-rimmed cocktails and lightly fried corn tortillas with butter sautéed calf brains.
“We serve experience more than food,” Bazan, who studied central Mexican cuisine with nuns there, told
Roasted poblano at Cuishe in San Antonio.
Roasted poblano at Cuishe in San Antonio. - CHADD SCOTT

Fish, seafood and steaks are also available including a 40-ounce Wagyu bone-in tomahawk. The Chile en Nogada roasted poblano pepper stuffed with ground beef and topped by “Nogada” sauce including walnut, goat cheese, sherry and white wine with pomegranates is a revelation! Sweet, creamy and crunch, the entrée presents a chorus of flavors familiar and mysterious.

Cuishe additionally features a careful selection of mezcals, tequilas and wine varieties from the central Mexico.

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