The Bunker Mixology utilizes classic art for a refreshing new bar concept in downtown San Antonio

April 14, 2023
Katherine Stinson
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Nestled near the Majestic Theatre is an elegant new speakeasy-esque bar known as The Bunker Mixology. The entrance is marked by a vintage classic car to the right, and plenty of artistic intrigue once the steel door is opened.

The Bunker Mixology absolutely shines with its unique design details, from the classic art pieces adorning the walls (there's also a separate section with NFT art), the vintage car that greets you upon arrival (a peak photo opportunity before the door even opens), and the illuminated hallway guiding guests to the restrooms.

Photo-ops aside, the Bunker Mixology truly lives up to its name with its innovative cocktail menu. Based on the concept of the owner's fine art collection, each cocktail on the menu is named after a famous art piece. Thankfully, guests don't have to be as rich as fine arts dealers themselves to order a drink off the menu (the way the prices were notated on said menu was also a clever, subtle detail in the bar's design scheme).

Cocktail options match the art adorning the walls, from the $16 gin-based Marilyn Monroe cocktail (with a touch of 24 karat gold, naturally), the floral-centric $16 Great Wave of Kanagawa vodka drink, and more. Naturally, there is a mezcal-focused Mona Lisa cocktail on the menu (Da Vinci's iconic art subject is situated on the wall where she sees all at the Bunker Mixology), complete with a tortilla salt rim and Serrano and bell pepper ice cubes.

Ordering a cocktail at the Bunker Mixology is an artistic process in itself

Although the art and cocktails were understandably the stars of the show, the Bunker's hardworking bartenders deserve a spotlight as well, for their dedication to ensuring that each cocktail's design details lived up to the art on the walls (truly putting the "craft" in craft cocktails).

There are some legitimate premium cocktail experiences on the menu that do involve copious amounts of cash. This writer is still eager to see the serving process for the $6,000 Amour Eternel option, which involves Louis XIII cognac, elegance, and a Tiffany diamond necklace (no, seriously.)

One note – don't come to the Bunker looking for a full dinner to pair with your drinks. They have some light bite options, but if you need a meal, make sure to stop elsewhere either before or after your visit.

All in all, if you're looking for a quality cocktail in a classy space, artistic inspiration, or just some downright fun photo opportunities, the Bunker Mixology is definitely worth a visit the next time you're downtown.

The Bunker Mixology is located in the basement of 229 E. Houston St. Their official public opening is April 14.

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